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Commerce and Premises Insurances
Turn your business’ risks off

We help you handle any risk that may compromise your assets and your quality of life.

Your business is key to your income, that’s why we at MutuaRisk help you turn off any risk in your business that may compromise your source of income and your life standard.

We analyse your needs and advise you in finding specific solutions to repair and compensate the damages on your assets caused by an incident. Our Risk Blockers will help you achieve the greatest success for your business.

At MutuaRisk we help you turn off any business risk that may compromise your income.

Our products for your commerce or premises may include:

Breakage of signs and showcases

Activity shutdown

seguro defensa juridica

Legal defence against administrative sanctions

Inland freight transport

Material damage

daños por agua

Renting of a similar space in case of inhabitability due to incident

Damages in machinery, devices or electronic equipment

Stoppage of cold stores

responsabilidad civil patronal

Personal accidents of the owner or his/her employees

seguro defensa jurídica

Legal advice concerning work contracts

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