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Legal Protection and
Unpaid Rent Insurances

Protect yourself from any litigation

At MutuaRisk we offer insurance solutions to cover expenses related to the participation in a legal proceeding or to property’s unpaid rents

Legal Defence
Within this type of insurance solutions is included the provision of legal aid services, judicial and extrajudicial, derived from the insurance coverage, which allow us to disable risks related to this kind of litigation.
This is a guarantee applying to motor insurances, home insurances, communities of homeowners or claims in business environments.
Among the basic coverages we can find legal advice by phone, document management, damages (both material and personal) claims, moveable property, services and supplies contracts, fiscal defence or the rights related to the main residence and illegal occupation.

Unpaid Rent
With the unpaid rent insurance you won’t have to worry for your house recovery process nor for the collection of unpaid rent. In addition, if the defaulter has caused any deterioration, the insurance compensates you for the damage.
This insurance includes legal defence and damage claim guarantees, attending the whole court process, and bearing the cost of the rents during the non-payment.
A risk each day more common that can be turned off with our insurance solutions.

To detect and turn off these risks your Riskblocker will make a personal study on your needs and will give you the insurance solutions allowing you to protect yourself from claims against you, endangering your personal assets or start actions for damages due to third parties. You can also cover yourself from the non-payment of the rent agreed with your tenant.

Detail of the main legal protection and unpaid rent guarantees:

asistencia impago alquiler

Legal advice by phone

Rights related to the main residence

Fiscal defence

Consulting on real property contracts

Damage claims

Defence in case of illegal occupation of the housing

Compensation for deteriorations in the housing

seguro defensa juridica

Legal and finance defence

Unpaid rent claim and eviction process

Bienes en depósito

Advance of unpaid rent

Would you like our advice on
legal protection and
unpaid rent insurance?

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