Severe risks of skin cancer

Did you know that melanoma or skin cancer is growing on average 10% annually?

Excessive sun exposure adds mutations inside the melanin-producing cells which are accumulated over the years. After many mutations, melanoma can occur. For that reason, this disease can manifest itself many years after the beginning of sun exposure. Today we suffer the consequences of all the sun exposure we got 20 or 30 years ago.

Even if today we have better information and more effective solar protectors, it is enough to approach any beach and observe people exposed long hours to the sun, with or without solar protector. The use of solar protectors, however, is no guarantee against skin damages because, even if it allows you to increase the exposure time, it can be finally ineffective without the due prudence.

There are many scientifically proven cases of people obsessed by getting an extreme tan. This pathology, known as tanning addiction, implies severe consequences, since a high rate of cases result in skin cancer.

But, how can we identify melanoma?

Skin disorders are very diverse, while melanoma is similar to a mole. Moles are formed by benign melanocytes and melanoma by malignant melanocytes, that’s why they are similar.

We recommend to check the evolution of the moles and to call for the doctor quickly to any changes in the mole or if new moles appear.
Prevention is key, and for that reason the best recommendation is to see the dermatologist at least once a year.

Skin cancer or melanoma is yet one of the most common malignant tumours and, unfortunately, one of the most deadly.

For summer season about to start we recommend moderation and, if in doubt, see the doctor to diagnose the extent of the problem.

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