New Youtube Channel “May we talk about insurance?”

We are launching the MutuaRisk Youtube channel, created to bring the insurance language closer to the public.  EIn the series of videos we will publish periodically we’ll explain certain insurance concepts that can affect our customers or policyholders from other companies, to help them understand the meaning of some complex insurance terms.

Video 1. Shall we talk about insurances? – The under-insurance and the proportional rule

Our first video explains two basic concepts: the proportional rule and the under-insurance. Both are specific terms in casualties; the application of the proportional rule in payments is the consequence of under-insurance in the world of contracts.

We encourage you to watch this formative piece. We hope it helps you better understand the reasons why if we don’t take an insurance corresponding to the real value of your goods, we could receive an economic compensation lower than contracted.

In any case, our riskblockers are at your disposal to advise you on all your risks.

MutuaRisk, turning your risks off!


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