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Your personal consultants

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Our team is made of excellent professionals with an extensive experience and wide knowledge of the insurance business who will help you detect and turn off any risk you may be exposed to at every moment of your life.
We want to turn insurance into a positive and distinctive experience to our policyholders and their families.

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Your riskblockers: personal consultants

Federico Vidal
Executive Director

Manel Chacón
Technical Director

Judith Roca
Back Office Manager

Ana Cejudo
Riskblocker – Commercial

Merche Fernandez
Riskblocker – Commercial

Marcela Maglianesi
Riskblocker – Commercial

Jordi Genové
Riskblocker – Commercial

Agnes Puigventos
Riskblocker – Commercial

Laia Asin
Riskblocker – Claims

Sonia Caballero
Riskblocker – Administration and Production

Quim Garcia
Riskblocker – Claims

Miquel Jurado
Riskblocker – Claims

Noemí Moral
Riskblocker – Production

Gemma Pous
Riskblocker – Financial and Accounting Management

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