Leaks, how to prevent them and what to do when they appear

One of the greatest fears is having leaks at home. However, it is easy to cope with them if you have a good home insurance.

If you have a leak at home, first of all turn off the water valve. You will prevent further damages in case the leak is located at your house. If not, try to warn your neighbours as soon as possible.

If you are leaving on holidays for a long period we recommend you to close the water and gas valves to prevent damages.


Who is responsible for leaks?

In case you are the tenant, contact the owner so he can report them to his/her home insurer.

The expert, in case the insurer is taking action, or else the repairman who evaluates the risk and the required repairs, will establish who is responsible for bearing the costs.

Depending on whether the damage is caused by the breaking of pipes at your home, any damage in the community facilities or has been originated at your neighbour’s home, the responsible’s insurer will have to take care of the repairs.
It is important to perform a proper maintenance to prevent the insurer from refusing the occurrence.

In case your neighbour refuses to take responsibility for the leaks you must send a letter to your community and the owner of the household that is causing problems with proofs and photographs of the damages. Even so, if you don’t receive notice from him you can file a complaint to the competent court. If you have an insurance policy, your insurer will take care of the dunning charges.

We recommend you a home insurance covering any type of incident to prevent problems and extra costs in case of occurrences at home.

If you are interested, we can offer the best home protection, both in guarantees and premiums.

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