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Liability Insurances
Protect yourself from any claim

At MutuaRisk we study the best insurance solution to cover the compensations and expenses of a claim for damages as a result of your business activity

Business liability
If you are entrepreneur or self-employed, you must protect your assets against any potential claim from your clients or third parties for damages that members of your company may have caused during business activity. These insurances cover general liability, business activity liability, professional liability and product liability. There are many solutions to handle your liability risks, but you should look for the one that is best suited to your business and activity.

Directors and Officers Liability – D&O
Business Directors and Officers not only exercise an important responsibility in the business management, but they also handle specific risks due to their position. Nowadays they might have to settle any claim with their own assets. To handle these risks the insurance market has launched various solutions adapted to every company’s needs.

To detect and disable these risks your Riskblocker will perform a personal study on your requirements, offering you solutions that enable you to protect yourself from claims based in alleged non-compliance or in the possibility of taking wrongful decisions endangering business assets or causing losses to third parties, compromising in that way your personals assets

Other guarantees you may include in your Civil Liability policy:

responsabilidad civil

Joining and mixing

seguros rc directivos

Post works

retirada de productos

Product recall

responsabilidad civil patronal

Employer’s Civil Liability

seguro responsabilidad civil

Cross-liability and Subcontractors’ Civil Liability

daños por agua

Water damages and damages to borders and conductions

Rc medioambiental

Environmental Civil Liability

seguro defensa juridica

Legal defence and finance

RC locativa

Tenant’s Civil Liability

Bienes en depósito

Property in deposit

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