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Pet Insurances
Protect also these family members

Pet Insurances
Protect also these family members

Your pets are important for us as well

Our pets are also members of the family, that’s why we can’t set them aside when it comes to protect and enjoy them every day without stress.

Our personal consultant’s team will find the best solution to protect your pets from most risks thanks to our flexible insurances suited to all needs, at a competitive pricing.

Protect your pets and enjoy them every day

The pet insurance can include:

seguro mascotas veterinario

Veterinary expenses in case of accident

seguro enfermedad hospitalización

Veterinary assistance in case of illness

seguro defensa juridica

Legal Defence

seguro robo mascota

Theft or loss

seguro responsabilidad civil

Civil liability

seguro mascota enfermedad

Euthanasia expenses

seguro residencia mascota

Stay at pet residences expenses

seguro asistencia

Veterinary telephone assistance 24h

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