Cyberprotection: Ransomware and other computer viruses insurance


Unfortunately each day is becoming more common to hear about the increasing number of computer viruses attacks to companies. For that reason it is necessary to have powerful and updated anti-virus, as well as searching alternatives in cyberprotection, such as cyber-insurances.


Cyber-insurances have been created to meet a social demand, to protect us from the consequences of a computer attack that violates our systems and our data.


Cyber-insurances have a dual function: on one hand, compensation, and on the other and even more important, service.

Regarding the first point, cyberprotection covers companies against loss of information or damage to the computer systems, data theft or inability to access the systems.

They can also offer prevention and counselling, identifying the companies main vulnerabilities and offering useful security recommendations.

Another aspect covered by this type of insurances is civil liability in which companies may incur due to lack of protection of data or claims they may undergo after a cyber attack, which in some cases might come together with fines for lack of protection.

Regarding the second point, the services offered by a computer insurance after a cyber attack include recovery of access systems, repairing of damaged equipment and restoring of deleted data, as well as cleaning computer viruses, which are basic to resume the businesses regular activity.

If you are interested in receiving further information about covers, capitals and guarantees don’t hesitate to contact us.

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